Do You Need A Clopay Garage Door Seal Replacement

Do You Need A Clopay Garage Door Seal Replacement

It’s a good idea to replace your Clopay garage door seal as soon as possible if it’s damaged. The garage door that is equipped with a solid bottom seal will best protect the inside of your garage from things such as the weather as well as garage invaders, such as rodents. Learn more about why you might want to check your Clopay garage door seal to see if you should consider replacement.

About Clopay Doors

A Clopay garage door weatherstrip is a great investment in protecting your garage and whatever you may have inside, considering that the garage is typically a home storage area. There are also some great looking Clopay doors. You’ll find quite a few Clopay options, such as: Avante Collection, Canyon Ridge, Coachman, Gallery, Grand Harbor, Reserve, and the Clopay Classic Line as well.

The Clopay company’s tag line is, “America’s Favorite Garage Doors” and the wholly owned subsidiary of Griffon Corp is one of the best known residential garage door manufacturers in the U.S. Beyond residential doors, they’re also well-known for their commercial offering as well. One point of pride for this company is that they are the only garage door company that has the very distinguished Good Housekeeping symbol. That symbol is synonymous with quality and value.

Do You Need to Fix Your Clopay Garage Door Seal?

A seal may be on the bottom of your garage and it may also be all the way around the door as well. If the seal is worn or damaged, your garage will be exposed to the elements --- negating the reason for having a garage door in the first place. A good look in a dark garage at the perimeter of your door, when the sun is shining outside, can quickly reveal problem spots for you.

Potential problems that could arise as a result of not having an adequate seal on your garage include:

  • A warmer climate in your garage in the winter. If your garage is heated, you won’t lose valuable and expensive heat. If it is not heated, a decent seal will make it much more bearable to go out into the garage for any reason.
  • A cooler garage in the summer time. It may not feel air-conditioned in there but it won’t be as unbearably hot if you have decent seal / weather stripping.
  • Protection from the weather. Whether you’re protecting your car or items that you are keeping in storage or your tools with a door made by Clopay the presence of a garage door seal that’s in tact will prevent moisture from impacting the things you’re keeping in there.
  • A bottom seal will prevent entry by rodents looking to make their winter home among your things
  • A seal will keep your garage cleaner. By sealing around gaps, you reduce the chance of dirt and dust being blown in by the wind.

Changing your seal isn’t very complicated. Most people do this on their own. If you’re not very handy, you may want to hire someone to do this for you. They probably won’t charge you very much to do this replacement. If you want to do it on your own you’ll find plenty of articles and videos that will show you step by step directions on how to replace your Clopay garage door seal.



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